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 Usability Testing Bootcamp Series
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Welcome To The Ascest & Pragmatic Marketing Usability Testing Bootcamp Series
October 15 - November 19 2015

This webinar series is based on Ascest’s one-day usability testing workshop which leads you step-by-step through all the stages of setting up everything you need to run your own usability tests.
Usability Testing Bootcamp Overview

• 6 Webinar series on usability testing

• Work on your own project

• Prepare your own test

• All bootcamp sessions will be presented by Peter Hughes

This bootcamp will take your usability testing skills to the next level by giving you an opportunity to work on creating a real test for a product you are working on. Over the course of six, one-hour webinars, we will cover each phase of preparing and conducting a usability test.

We will provide you with step-by-step instructions, templates and all the resources you could possibly need to build a usability test that will give your product the edge over your competitors.
By the end of the bootcamp you'll be more confident and prepared to obtain the feedback you need to increase your conversion rates and improve your product's user experience (UX).
Additional benefits include:

• How to accurately gauge how your customers will react to product before you build it

• Create and test more product concepts quickly

• Build deeper insights into what your customers value

• Bring more effective products to market faster

• Learn how your customers rate your product against your competitors

• Bring a common usability testing process into your organization

• Use tried and tested industry techniques

• Improve your products when you have limited resources

Each webinar will follow a similar format:

• Pre-work activities will help you prepare for each session so you get the most value from the time you invest

• Peter will introduce each topic area and provide examples will help to demonstrate good and bad practices

• Useful tips will be provided

• Hands-on exercises will help develop your skills

• Q&A sessions

How Much Does It Cost ?
The bootcamp series normally costs $995 to attend in person.

However, thanks to Pragmatic Marketing’s generous support of the series and the fact we are going to be learning in a group setting online, we are delighted to offer the series completely FREE OF CHARGE  to Pragmatic Marketing’s community.
Schedule and what will be covered
All webinars will be held on Thursdays at 1pm Eastern
Part #1 - Oct 15
Goal setting
• The essential first step you have to get right. Learn how to create effective testing goals.
• Learn proven methods to avoid obtaining misleading, weak, or confusing results
Part #2 - Oct 22
Writing scenarios and tasks
• Learn how to write questions that maximize your research insights
• Understand the best questions to ask depending on where you are in the Product Value Sequence       
Part #3 - Oct 29
Recruiting test participants
• Find high quality test participants quickly and easily
• Pick up tips on how to recruit efficiently by avoiding the most common mistakes
• Learn how to identify people you don’t want to interview and keep them out
Part #4 - Nov 05
Setting up your test (including The Tech of Testing)
• Learn how to prepare like a pro
• Obtain simple, practical and low-cost tech tips for setting up the most common test types
• Discover the essential element for increasing engagement with your product stakeholders
Part #5 - Nov 12
Interviewing skills
• Learn to squeeze the greatest amount of valuable information out of your test sessions
• Discover how to surface what is most important to your customers
• Develop a surefire strategy to prevent biasing your test results and suffering the consequences
• Understand how to deal with common interview issues
• Learn which questions you should never ask          
Part #6 - Nov 19
Noting your observations, & results analysis and reporting
• Learn simple strategies to help you take notes efficiently
• Learn to quickly and easily analyze your results
• Understand how to create impactful result reports quickly
• Find out how to integrate results into your design process
• Build a learning culture that all stakeholders will want to be part of

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