How To Interview Like a Pro
Free Manual shows you how to unearth the information you need to grow your company
What is UX Interview Secrets "How To Interview Like a Pro"?
This manual will help you avoid the #1 reason why most websites/mobile apps fail… Building something that no-one wants.
It is NOT about making your website/app “sticky”
- Yet the tips and techniques you’ll find here will make your website/app MUCH STICKIER as you’ll unearth what your customers value so they won’t want to go elsewhere
It is NOT about increasing your website/app conversion rates
- Yet the tips and techniques you’ll find here will help you discover the trigger points that resonate with your customers. Having this knowledge is key to IMPROVING YOUR CONVERSION RATES. This is the most insightful research technique you can use.
UXInterviewSecrets is A SHORTCUT
Poor stickiness and low conversion rates are symptoms of a lack of connection between your product and your customers (that's the bad news). But it doesn't take long (that's the good news) to conduct several interviews to pinpoint the solutions you need. Based on thousands of interviews, this playbook will give the knowledge you need to be successful.
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Based on 20 years of research experience, it distills the knowledge
you need to:
  • Develop the right mindset and skills for conducting effective interviews - The manual is written in clear, easy-to-understand language
  • Create an “empathetic” environment that encourages your interview participants to openly share their thoughts with you
  • Squeeze more actionable insights from your interviews
  • Obtain more accurate information (Watch out - poor interviews can often mislead your product team and result in significant waste of time and resources)
  • Avoid the most common mistakes that many interviewers make
  • Respond to the many unforeseen issues that WILL occur at some time Armed with this knowledge you’ll soon be Interviewing Like A Pro
  • Save time - think of this manual as "Cliff Notes". Now you don't have to spend hours looking for information and wondering if you have the right information
  • And So Much More...
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Well, there are actually a few reasons...
  • I want you to succeed - I've spent most of my career setting up and conducting hundreds of UX interviews for major corporations. I've seen the benefits they have gained. You should have the same advantage too - Level the playing field
  • I'd love to get your feedback, and hope you'll want to share your success stories with me
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